Alejandra Suárez

Architect, Interior Design 
Alejandra Suarez graduated from the School of Architecture at Anahuac University and she studied, in Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.

She began her work experience working in BGP Arquitectos in 2013 while collaborating in different projects of the firm.

In 2013, she got first place in a competition, with the design for remodeling the store belonging to El Papalote Museo del Niño, working hand in hand with the firm of Legorreta + Legorreta for the development of the same project.

Her excellence and quality in Interior Design made her acquire the publishing of some of her projects in the most prestigious magazines of design and arquitecture.

The passion of Alejandra is defined in creating timeless spaces that transform ideas in comprehensive projects with unique characteristics, making her works acquire their own personality. She has done works in architectural design as well as interior design of commercial, corporate, and residential developments.

“I deeply believe that a good project is achieved in understanding and transforming dreams in a certain way of living. Each and every one of them is a challenge and a new experience, which makes me to fall in love more and more with my profession, thus making each of the projects to be unique and unrepeatable.”

Through her creativity and discipline, she transforms each of the projects into a new challenge, always with a careful attention to detail and quality. Her passion is reflected in the excellent group of architects that she leads, guiding them to develop residential projects of Cuaik Arquitects with a great commitment.
Project Experience 

Bosques de Abetos
Loma Larga 
Arroyito Valle de Bravo
Bezares (publicado en Design Hunter 2019)
Reforma 2835 (publicado Architectural Digest 2017. Edición 210)
Prosecco Santa Fe
Coronado California
Mercado Urbano
Bosuqes de Almendros
Lomas Country Club
Vail PH
Vidalta PH
Sequoia 1802
Sequoia 1801
Sequoia 21
Sequoia Villa Jardín Capulines
Casa Alta
Capulines Casa Jardín
Parque Vía Lomas de Chapultepec
Casa Jauregui
Sequoia 9
Montes de Auvernia
Serrano 7 Madrid